Selling Physical Products Through Your Blog

Selling Physical Products Through Your Blog: The Ultimate Guide

Selling physical products through your blog is very different from selling them through a shop in the mall or a high street. It is essential to choose a product, a platform and a marketing strategy that are conducive to online marketing. Follow this guide set up your new retail venture the right way.

Getting it right from the start

Get your Shopify Website Design as perfect as it can be before you launch your product. Using a platform such as Spotify allows you to avoid the costs of setting up your own selling platform. This is a no-brainer for start-ups for whom set-up costs can be prohibitive. All the hard work is done for you, so you can focus your creativity on marketing and choosing a product.   

Selling Physical Products - Use Social Media, also you can use Shopify or other platforms ....

Selling Physical Products – Use Social Media, also you can use Shopify or other platforms …

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The great think about selling from your blog is that you are already marketing so you hit the ground running. You will have built up a loyal and engaged following that look out for your posts every day or every week. You have established yourself as an authority in your field and people trust you. This is so valuable when you are selling.

What is really important is that you have already search engine optimized your site and are ranking high on Google. Your loyal followers are helping with this as they register as traffic to your site. Now all you have to do is choose the best products to sell.

Selecting the best products to sell – the essentials

The product that you sell on your blog must comply with the following:

  • Non-fragile and easy to post. Nothing causes more headaches that high shipping costs and breakages. Avoid this with lightweight, small and robust products.
  • Not seasonally-dependent. Avoid a mad rush at one time of the year and zero sales at another by steering clear of seasonal products if you possibly can.
  • Timeless products. There is no point in selling something that will be out of fashion or obsolete in a few months because you could have hundreds of them left on your hands. Many electrical items fall into this category.
  • Too cheap or too expensive. The best advice is to sell goods that fall between $15-200. This is the ‘golden zone’ of online selling.
  • Its value is too obvious. If you are going to sell an iPhone, everyone will know what they are worth and they know how much profit you are making. When you sell a unique or homemade product it is harder to put a price on it and no-one will know how much profit you are making.     
    Selling Physical Products - Make your blog easy to use.

    Selling Physical Products – Make your blog easy to use.

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These are the bottom line for selling physical products from your blog but there are some more pointers that may help you out. You will have already identified your niche customer because they are the readers of your blog. What do they like to buy? Do your research and find out which products are popular amongst their demographic. A final tip is to sell something that gets used up. If you sell something that lasts forever, they will not be back to buy another one!


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