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imagen myselfHello , welcome to my Blog. 


First I would like to introduce myself.


My name is  Ralf – Detlef  , 56 yrs old and I am a proud father of a 12 year old great boy, divorced from his mum, but we still get along quiet well.

I am from Germany, but living now for 28 years already on Tenerife, Canary Islands Spain.

In germany I used to work in the industrial construction trade for many years as a manager, being in charge of the team and projects.

For 26 years I have had my own little business here on the island, which I had to give up due to health problems.

After several months of recovering, I had to realign and find new chores.

And so I discovered the numerous possibilities the Internet provides. I really enjoy my new challenge as a Blogger and hope to become a good information and entertainment source for you.

It was lucky to enter a group of people, who were looking for the same as me, with a few very skilled leaders of the development. They provide a daily online training to help us becoming right “wizzes” in this cryptic world of “blogueros” ( Blogger ). I am getting better with every day and really enjoy my new task.

What’s also very important to me is exercising and nutrition. I like walking, running, swimming and dancing and I absolutely avoid junk food !

We have to take good care of our bodies and health, sadly I had to experience myself, how essential your health is.

Health is our greatest asset, mentally and physically !

I, for my part, have found what I really enjoy doing, this will definitely be my future pursuit and if I can help anyone, who has any questions, who wants information or who I can help with some advices, it will be my pleasure !

Don’t hesitate, leave a comment or send an e-mail, I will get back to you immediately.

Or have you got any advices for me, any suggestions for improvement, just get in touch with me.

I really do appreciate any exchange of views and ideas.

Thanks for your attention

Ralf – Detlef

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